Sudarshan Blue Casing Pipes

Sudarshan Casing & Ribbed Screen Pipes are manufactured as per Bureau of Indian Standard IS 12818:2010 using special U-PVC compound that imparts excellent mechanical properties. These pipes, used for casing of bore-wells, are capable of handling high external hydraulic pressure applied during installation. The threaded ends allow these pipes to be easily screwed onto each other for quick installation.

Sudarshan Casing & Ribbed Screen Pipes are a superior replacement to conventional MS and GI casings as they do not rust or corrode, and hence last much longer. Sudarshan offers a wide range of casings:

  1. Shallow Well Casing (CS) Pipes
  2. Medium Well Casing (CM) Pipes
  3. Deep Well Casing (CD) Pipes
  4. Medium Well Screen (RMS) Pipes with Ribs
  5. Deep Well Screen (RDS) Pipes with Ribs

These pipes are used as a protective casing for bore-well to prevent its walls from collapsing. Most widely used in areas with sandy, unstable or loose soil conditions.

  1. Sudarshan PVC Casing Pipes have much longer life to conventional mild steel and galvanised iron casings as they do not rust, extending the life of bore-wells.
  2. Free from corrosion, Sudarshan PVC Casing Pipes do not contaminate the bore water.
  3. Smooth inner surface allows quick flow of water into the bore.
  4. Light weight, hence easy to transport, store, handle and install.
  5. Pipes with Ribs and screens is a very effective way to recharge the bore-wells with clear and clean water

Shallow Well Casing (CS) Pipes

Shallow Well Casing (CM) Pipes
Nominal Diameter (DN) Meter Outer Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter at any point (mm) Mean Outer Diameter
Over Connection (mm)
Well Thickness (mm)
Inches MM Min Max Min Max Max Min Max
6" 150 165 165.4 164.6 165.6 174.0 5.7 6.5
7" 175 200 200.5 199.6 200.6 211.0 7.0 7.8
8" 200 225 225.6 224.5 225.8 238.0 7.6 8.8

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